Planning for an event? See what’s available each month at the market.
Keep in mind that harvest dates can vary as much as three weeks from year to year depending on the weather and growing conditions. Check out our Floral Calendar of Local Product that lists general flower availability by the month.

This Week’s Fresh Sheet

Buyer’s pass holders may place an order one week in advance using our online marketplace for orders to be picked up in the following week by selecting the orders pick-up date desired. Log-in to your online account using your Floral business email. Orders must be placed online no later than 1:00 pm on Thursday for pick up on Monday of the following week. Orders for Wednesday or Friday of the following week must be placed online no later than 1:00 pm on Friday before the order period automatically closes. Customers are welcome to come shop the floor for any orders needed during the current week from the large selection of products brought to the market for open sales.

Product selection will vary depending on the grower and the pick-up date selected. Wednesday is typically our largest delivery day of the week for receiving floral products. Orders for the same week should be planned for shopping from the market floor open stock as they are no longer available for pre-ordering.

If you need to place a futures pre-order for events more than 2 weeks out please use our Future Orders form online to source the products needed, or email us directly with your advance order to source for you.