Crowley House Flower Farm

Rickreall, Oregon


Beth and Jason Syphers


2 acres


Grape vine/foliage, ranunculus, mums, varied types of foliage, moss, hostas, grasses, scented geranium, herbs, edible flowers



Our Story

Beth Syphers and her husband, Jason, both grew up on family farms. Beth started out creating wedding flowers alongside her sisters and eventually went on to design arrangement for local businesses. Her interests within the industry began shifting toward the farming side of the industry, so the Syphers purchased a 70’s farm house so that they could start farming their own crops. “The need to produce high quality blooms for my designs, and an ever changing parade of color, texture and fragrance; plus the appeal of the slower, simpler lifestyle for my family – the need to feel the soil on my hands and feet, to see the sun rise and set on our fields, and the smell of the country morning dew – has headed me down the path of flower farming and the amazing adventure that has become Crowley House.”

As it turned out, Crowley House was not the only one with a passion for flowers and foliage. After reading the book 50 Mile Bouquet and speaking with one of the co-op founders, Diane Szukovathy, Beth was able to connect with other local growers at the PNW Cut Flower Growers Meeting, which eventually led to her selling product at SWGMC.

Beth and her entire family are involved with the farming process. Her husband helps with the soil and field prep, their son loves the planting process, and their daughter helps work the farmers market and events. The Syphers all work extremely hard to create the charming farm that Crowley House has since transformed into.

Growing Practices

Crowley House was formed with the mindset of creating a sanctuary for wildlife and a peaceful escape for people looking to immerse themselves in the country. Beth and her family work to provide a harmonious habitat for the variety of wildlife that frequents their property. They feed hummingbirds in the summer and allow some flowers to go to seed in the garden so that birds can eat throughout the winter as well. Finding natural and sustainable solutions to crop problems are always a top priority. Crowley House utilizes sustainable practices, integrating their tree crops with their cut products to create a working and thriving landscape.