Jello Mold Farm

Mount Vernon, Washington


Dennis Westphall and Diane Szukovathy


7 acres


Dahlias, raspberry foliage, lilac, blooming branches, hellebores, poppies, sweet peas, clematis, hydrangeas, fruiting branches, scabiosa, zinnias, amaranth, and assorted foliage and perennials crops



Our Story

Jello Mold Farm takes its name from a building in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood that Diane once covered with 400 copper-hued Jello molds of all shapes and styles. Dennis is a founder and director of Tickle Tune Typhoon, a much loved and nationally renowned children’s music company.

After years of estate gardening in and around Seattle, the couple yearned to put their creative energy into a venture that combined their sustainable values with an obsession for plants. Jello Mold Farm began selling cut flowers in 2008 and by 2009, the farm was making regular deliveries to Seattle florists and retail customers. Diane and Dennis take delight in seeing people make an emotional connection to their flowers and their enthusiasm is contagious. “Quality is our best calling card,” Diane says. “Fresh and local sells.”

Education is threaded through everything Diane and Dennis do as farmers. “When consumers value the health benefits (to themselves and to the planet) of bringing home local and sustainably-grown flowers, demand will grow,” she explains.

Diane is the Board Vice Chair of the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market Cooperative. She works closely with other flower farmers in the region with the belief that by combining their efforts through a centralized marketplace, local farms will attract more buyers and, in turn, be able to expand the varieties and quantities of flowers they grow.

Growing Practices

Jello Mold Farm is certified Salmon-Safe and the farm embodies ecological stewardship. “Sustainably grown” at Jello Mold Farm means using only organic-certified fertilizers and pest controls, wise water use and erosion control, a vibrant composting program that makes smart use of available resources, recycling of used farm materials and selling local!