Welcome to our Market!  We offer Professional Floral Buyers 3 different ways to purchase.

A Buyer’s Pass is required for shopping at the Market during our regular business hours, ordering online, or placing a future order for your floral needs.  If you are a professional floral business and you do not already have an account registered with us, please click here to register.  

If you are a public customer (not a professional floral business), click here to find out more on how to shop with us!


Registered professional floral buyers can view availability and reserve products for the following week using our online Marketplace.   Floral products are shown with pictures, descriptions, bunch size and stem length to assure your correct selection and color needed.

Orders must be placed online no later than 1:00 pm on Thursday for pick up in the following week.  If a product is not listed on our marketplace it is not available to be reserved for the following week.  We have a large selection of products brought to the market for open sales and you may find what you are looking for in person!

With the increased floral demand, we are not able to accept any week-of requests for pre-orders due to seasonal availability fluctuations. This includes any requests after close of business on Friday of the previous week. Growers harvest as much as possible for pre-orders and to stock the market floor, so please plan to shop from the market floor if you have not placed an order prior to this cut off. Peak Floral Holiday periods may have earlier deadlines for placing pre-orders.

If you are looking to place an advance order (at least two weeks in advance to the Wednesday of pick up) please see option #3 below!


Professional floral buyers can shop from the Market floor in-person for your current week needs. 

Placing an online order is not required to shop at the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market!  We work hard to maintain a plentiful selection on the sales floor throughout the week.  Our growers deliver multiple times per week during the growing season, and many customers find shopping from the market floor to be their preferred way to shop. You will find unique offerings on the Market floor that are not posted online due to limited crops or seasonal timing. Shopping from the market floor allows you the sensory experience firsthand of seeing and selecting from the fresh floral products our local growers have delivered that week as it arrives!


Professional floral buyers can place Future Pre-Orders to request products for pick up at least two weeks out (based on a Wednesday pick up) using the order form below.

We require at least two weeks lead time to source your requested products. Due to the high volume of weddings and orders during the growing season, we recommend placing pre-orders as early as possible for specific varieties needed. Please be mindful that certain items are limited or may be seasonally unavailable, so prepare your clients that they have flexibility with substitutions in mind. We are always happy to suggest alternatives to achieve a similar look.

Helpful Resources:

If you have questions about pricing and availability check out our Cut Flower Fresh Sheet.
Wholesale pricing and availability for the following week is emailed to buyers pass holders every Tuesday morning.  If you are not receiving this email, check your Spam and Promotions folders, or ask us to confirm that your email is in our system.  Even though you will be ordering for at least one week beyond what this availability will list, it is often a helpful guide for the current season.

Would you like to learn about availability in advance?
Check out our Floral Calendar of American-Grown Flowers from the Pacific Northwest, a guide for general flower availability of Local Product by the month for the whole year. You can also explore the Flower Availability tab on our website for sample pictures of products by the month. Use these calendars to plan your special events month by month.

Cancellation of Special Orders and Pre-Orders

It is important for buyers enrolled with SWGMC to understand that there are no cancellations allowed once an order period closes.  As a buyer, You know that our farms are harvesting specifically to fill each individual order. Cancellations after an order period closes may result in the farm having to discard or otherwise lose sales on product set aside for Your order.  Because of this, buyers may be charged a cancellation fee of up to 100% of the product total. We appreciate your understanding.

Commercial accounts will require a 50% deposit on all orders which will be cancellable up until 14 days prior to the order pickup, at which point refunds and cancellations will be on a case by case basis. Orders we are unable to cancel with growers will remain the customers’ responsibility. To learn more about out Cancellation Policy and Substitution Policy Click HERE.

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Thank you for your order. We will be in touch with you soon to let you know about availability and to provide an initial estimate.

If you do not receive an email confirmation of your order within 5 minutes of submission, please contact the Orders Team at orders@seattlewholesalegrowersmarket.com.